Our corporate vision has always been based on product innovation and the reduction of the environmental impact of construction. We strongly believe in the value of urban regeneration as a model of sustainable development for our cities.


Our commitment to the city

Renovalo effectively responds to contemporary needs and requirements for innovation, especially in terms of ecological transition: sustainable manufacturing and processes, CAM and LEED certified quality materials, systems and targeted interventions aimed at meeting the requirements of the new housing standards to become protagonists of the sustainable future .

We interact with the realities of the Creative and Cultural Industry, to promote new processes and designs capable of transforming cities, placing environmental sustainability, social impact, and minimum land consumption in first place.



The Sustainability Report helps to measure and monitor the company's impact on the environment and society and to report on the commitments and results achieved.

On April 30th 2024, the 2023 Sustainability Report was approved, confirming, for the second year, the importance of ESG (Enviromental – Social – Governance) issues for the Group and in compliance with what was declared to the market.
The objective is to give feedback on the commitment dedicated to environmental, social and governance issues through the public reporting of data and indicators of a qualitative and quantitative nature.

The Group's sustainable strategy seeks to achieve 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Obiettivi ESG Renovalo
Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainability Report 2023

Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2022

Eco Vision 2030



In a temperate climate, the outdoor surface of the building needs to become "dynamic", i.e., capable of responding punctually to seasonal, variable, and often opposed external weather conditions. In this scenario, Renovalo's main commitment is to regenerate the building envelope so that it does not disperse the energy introduced while maintaining its value and architectural peculiarities.

End of waste

Urban regeneration should become a reference point and a driving force in terms of circular economy, guaranteeing the treatment and careful reuse of waste materials, the result of a selective demolition in the deconstruction phase of the building parts.

We are rooting for Europe which has the duty to specifically promulgate concrete and operational strategies.

City in a quarter of an hour

Enclosed in a circular diagram reminiscent of Leonardo's Vitruvian Man, "city in a quarter of an hour" is a metropolis in whose neighborhoods you can find everything you need within 15 minutes from home.

An easy-to-implement tool for the ecological transformation of Rome, while improving the daily life of its inhabitants. As demonstrated by the sudden change of mentality imposed by Covid, for many remote working and zero-kilometer life have become everyday life.

Neighborhoods coworking offices, high-level treatment close to home, amateur sports and the promotion of local trade must become a consolidated reality. coworking di quartiere, curarsi ad alto livello a poca distanza da casa, praticare sport amatoriale e promuovere il commercio di prossimità devono diventare una realtà consolidata.

Città quarto d'ora

General Contractor expert in urban regeneration and renovation of building structures intended for public and commercial spaces, homes, offices and condominiums, mainly carrying out the activities of Architectural, Structural, Energy Design, Execution of interventions, consultancy and management support for the works.


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